Poetry by the Iguana, and Other Stories

Many people have unexpected gifts, and the Iguana surprised everyone by telling his view of the galaxy in poetry. Everyone but me, that is. I've always known he speaks in lyrics!

Hi! Zantippy Skiphop here! I tell the tales of my adventures in the galaxy with my friends! Iguana likes to stay in his Earth swamp, so his book got written while I was trapped in an extraterrestrial jail. Don't worry, I escaped, so we are all about to tell you lots more stories!

About Zantippy and Iguana


                              Zantippy                              Iguana

Zantippy: This will have to be quick. I'm writing this from my space ship between star systems. Normally that is a quiet time and I'd have time to talk with you, but we're being chased by really unpleasant goons. Hmmm, actually that's all you need to know about me - I spend a lot of time running away from extraterrestrial goons.

Iguana: Hi, it's Zantippy again! Iguana says that he is lost in poetic thought, and to come back later to chat. Don't believe him, he is always lost in poetic thought. But please come back anyway - Iguana is real nice, and one of my best friends.

If we are within Earth-email range, you can contact both of us at: zantippyskiphop@gmail.com

Thanks! See you later!


  1. So looking forward to reading what the Iguana has to say. *-*

  2. Hi!
    Have you not been able to read it yet?

  3. I hope this is like Emily Dickinson, except way less crazy.

  4. LOL! Well, I would say that Iguana is more odd than crazy. Yes, he's a very odd guy. Emily's craziness is all her own!


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