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Many people have unexpected gifts, and the Iguana surprised everyone by telling his view of the galaxy in poetry. Everyone but me, that is. I've always known he speaks in lyrics!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Librarians and Teachers: Please Help!

Hello book people! I am sending a call-out to librarians, teachers, and others who are versed in what different ages of humans like to read. I would appreciate your help so much!

People are assuming Poetry by the Iguana is for an audience who actually would not appreciate it, tiny children, and so I need to know who its audience actually should be. I will gift my book to you so you can please help me with this, because it's a bit frustrating seeing it go to little persons who won't care, and ignored by those who would like it.

I'm asking because for some reason, on its Amazon page, Iguana's poetry is being bought by people who "also bought" picture books and really cute, adorable stories for very young children. While I didn't write it with any age in mind, I do understand why people assume it is for small children - I mean, usually anything from the point of view of a critter is for tiny beings, ones who normally can't read yet on their own. And I do love seeing those cute books next to my own, it just makes me smile!  :)  It just isn't...where it should be.

What concerns me is that I think aside from the first chapter, most of the poems would go completely over the heads of people so young. Plus, at this stage it isn't a picture book, because it is an ebook, although I guess people are reading it out loud to their kids.

I love to think of Poetry for the Iguana as being for tiny children, but I'm not sure that is who should read it (or have it read to them). Iguana is a character in a much larger story. The larger story, written in prose, will be more for kids than anyone else, but kids who can read on their own.

So could any book-people and kid-people help me out? I really need to know who the actual audience is for my little book! Thank you so much! You can reach me either through leaving a comment here, or go to my email zantippyskiphop@gmail.com or twitter @ZantippySkiphop, and I will gift it. Then please let me know what your recommendations are! Thank you so so so much!


  1. Thanks, Speedy! I appreciate your time and feedback so much! *heart*

  2. My guess is that it would work for kids 7 and up (grade 2 and up).

  3. That's what I think too, Sherry - especially for kids who love reading. Kids who aren't confident in reading yet would struggle, especially with the middle two chapters.

    Thanks so much for your input! Once I have enough, I'm going to re-write its description on the Amazon page!

  4. Speedy has nominated you for the illuminating blog award on his latest post

  5. Oh thank you, Speedy!!! I'll come see.


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