Poetry by the Iguana, and Other Stories

Many people have unexpected gifts, and the Iguana surprised everyone by telling his view of the galaxy in poetry. Everyone but me, that is. I've always known he speaks in lyrics!

Hi! Zantippy Skiphop here! I tell the tales of my adventures in the galaxy with my friends! Iguana likes to stay in his Earth swamp, so his book got written while I was trapped in an extraterrestrial jail. Don't worry, I escaped, so we are all about to tell you lots more stories!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Free Bedtime Tales for Your Reptile: Last Free Day Today! Poetry by the Iguana (esquire and lover of seaweed)

Download Poetry by the Iguana for free!

This month, the free days are:

Sunday, May 20 - Thursday, May 24, 2012

Free anywhere on Earth, on the International Space Station, and the entire Solar System as far as Neptune. Sorry Pluto   :( You always seem to get a rock :( *hug*

参 Nice to read along with the music from Peter and the Wolf. 柒

Times for the free download run from midnight (12am) May 20 through 11:59pm May 24, PDT.

Time Travel Reminder:

For Aussies, Kiwis, and other people living in the future, these times are according to Amazon's standard of Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) in the United States. This is GMT minus 8 hours.


Download either onto Kindle, or from the Amazon book site page

For the Amazon page in other countries, search for "Poetry by the Iguana", or use the book's ASIN for the search: B007Z1TG3Y

Remember - if you need to download the free reading app, to read ebooks on your computer or mobile device, you can find that at Amazon's Free Reading Apps


I'm so excited for more Beings to share in Iguana's poetry! Let me know which part of the Solar System you're from!

Thanks! Can't wait to see you!


 Zantippy (and Iguana, but he is asleep right now, he doesn't even know about this yet).


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