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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mars Curiosity Rover May Have Found Something HUGE!

ok. Planet Earth's newest martian rover, Curiosity, may have found something "earthshaking" in a sample of martian dirt. The soil sampler in her chemistry lab is the instrument that has detected ... whatever it may be. And we're told we have to wait another month to be told. Here's my immediate, very short, article full of an awfully frustrating lack of information from Curiosity's science team!

by Active Astronomy Mars correspondent Zantippy, Florida, 20th November 2012

The Mars Curiosity rover has found something that her lead investigator, John Grotzinger, calls potentially “earthshaking”. He dangled this carrot while talking with Joe Palca of National Public Radio. 

The data is from a soil sample analyzed by ... [Read more]


  1. talk about slow why say any thing at all

  2. Hopefully it's not the news that the Mayans were right. Might not want to sit on that information much longer...

  3. Well, the Mayans did not predict the fall of their empire, so maybe we will be ok? Then again, their descendants are still alive and thriving, so maybe to them that is the same as a living empire? I am all a flutter to know it all!

  4. LOL!!! hhahaha I bet there ARE a lot of people thinking it's about the Mayan apocalypse, NASA keeps getting asked if that's true. Oh, I just wrote a separate article (published in December) about China and the Moon, and China has mapped the lunar surface to prepare for their lander next year. And there are vast quantities of web sites insisting that these maps prove there are the ruined and crumbled walls of an alien civilization. Why are they ruined and crumbled? Because NASA nuked them. :D And if NASA responds, they'll just be told they are covering it up!

    Oh but anyway - I AM very hopeful that scientifically this WILL be big news from Mars, but I am a bit worried that it may be something that most people may not see the significance of, you know? Like ok, if they announce definitive signs of life past or present, that would be "earthshaking" to everyone! But if they talk about finding a mineral or a trace of gas that from what we know of it on Earth, only occurs in the presence of and/or due to life - that would be just as earthshaking to astrobiologist/geologists but it may take more than that to convince most people. I'll be writing some speculative articles till they tell us LOL!!!

    hurumph, I thought I told my computer that "astrobiologist" is a word.

  5. why worry if the mayans are theres nothing we can do about it so I'm still planing christmas


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